Minoxidil 5%..does it really work or you might think so? Is it really worth a try? Hear it from someone who had tried it.

Male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia is a heriditary thinning of a person's hair untill the scalp area becomes completely bald. All this happens gradually over the course of time and very often if left untreated, would become severe and irreversible.

Luckily, there is Minoxidil liquid solution to help people regrow their hair or you might think so.But there have been some doubts about the effects of the solution considering the side effects and the amount of time it takes to notice any difference in hair structure.

People reported itchy and dry scalp along with minor swelling when used initially. Some even mentioned that it caused hair dandruff and instead had speed up the hair loss more rapidly than without having used it before. The truth about Minoxidil is that it does really work but if you stopped using the solution for some period of time, all the hair that you had taken the pain to regrow will be lost again. That means all your hard work down the drain. Anyways, although the new hair does come out of your head scalp, those are very fine and thin hair and if not taken proper care of, they could just die off easily.

Minoxidil is supposed to bring blood circulation to the head scalp area and feed the hair follicles with fresh oxygen and nutrients. Thats an essential purpose of using Minoxidil. Unfortunately, with it comes another side effect which is it increases your blood pressure and your heart beat rate. Caution must be taken by patients with risk of high blood pressure since complication could develope with the use of Minoxidil solution. It is better to consult a dermatologist if you plan to start using Minoxidil Solution.

I personally had used Minoxidil in the past and found it to be quite effective at first. I used to put on several drops of the solution on my bald spots at night right after shower and then wait till it got dried to get to bed. The next morning i would feel some strength in my hair and i could feel more volume of my hair but at the same time, my head scalp felt itchy and dry. Dandruff was a common scene each morning, and i couldn't help but keep scratching my head. This somewhat made some of my hair fall off more easily. And so, i began to doubt the effectiveness of the solution. One famous Dermatologist who had seen thousands of patients told me that Minoxidil will not work on me, and that only as the last resort, my only option will be Hair Surgery Transplant.

There was some hope in the solution though. After having used the solution for a couple of months, i did see some good results in my hair. I actually saw some new thin hair sprouting out of my scalp. I was overjoy but hold did last long. All those side effects i mentioned before. they did not go away..and i kept scratching my itchy scalp and in time, those new thin hair that just started to grow would just fall off. And there i am, back to square one. Money spent, Time spent, Energy spent, with lots of hope but it was all in vain.

I then started research on natural ways to regrow my hair without using those commercially available products, and i successfully found a home made solution of my own. I used common sense and with some experiment was able to develope a perfect and inexpensive way to regrow my lost hair. Some of my colleagues noticed a big difference in the appearance of my hair and they wondered how i did it. It only took me a week to notice the difference in my hair structure and my hair volume. I could see new strong hair coming out of my scalp. If you would like to know how my home made solution will help you grow your hair back, drop me a comment or email me and i would be gald to help you out. All it takes is for you to show that you are interested and i would handle the rest.

The bottom line is :

It works on some people and it doesn't work on others. We should keep in mind that all of us are not born the same in terms of health and our immune system. What is important is that we should all try out different methods and maybe one of the method would work out right.


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  3. Hi Guys, The answer is actually there in my other post. Look for the one that says using alcohol to regrow your hair.

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