"Hair loss"- be positive towards regaining hair naturally. Use the power of your brain to fight severe hair loss and embark on your journey to your original natural hair.

Ever since i started to notice a bit of hair loss when in my Twenties, my fight with hair loss had never stopped and never will. We should always believe and be positive that there are ways to improve the quality of One's hair. If we give up and let hair loss conquer us, then the rate of hair loss would be faster and more severe.

Therefore, by taking care of what is remaining, very often we would stumble upon new hair products/techniques that really works. Then we could stand up and say that we won the hair loss battle finally.

"There are times when people give up when they are just one step to success"-Quotes.

Of course, people say that hair loss is genetic and is pre-determined at birth as to when hair loss would occur. But if we follow some practise and techniques of maintaining hair, we can then interrupt the hair loss period and instead grow some new hair.

Our brain is compared to a computer which does various task and controls what our next move is going to be. Just like computer needs program to function, our brain needs a certain program or command to function. By mastering this command, you can command your brain to grow more hair on your head. You may be wondering how this can be achieved. It is really simply and it does work miraculously.

This is what you should do to carry out this techniques. Using the softer part of your fingers on both hands, slowly massage your entire bald spot in a circular motion and feel the blood circulation flowing towards your head. Now imagine your hair is becoming stronger and healthier and that your hair is getting all the nourishment it needed. Think how confident you would be once you get your natural hair back and how people would be loving your hair once again. Take some time off your busy schedule to appreciate whatever remaining hair you have and how it would feel like to have a totally new hair coming out of your scalp. Look at yourself in the mirror and picture the "NEW" you. This method had worked wonders by boosting your self confidence and self esteem and studies showed that 'stress' the main factor causing Hair Loss was reduced.

To better improve your blood circulation to your scalp, one would also use the power of breathing to bring in enough oxygen for your hair follicles to survive. Sitting in a very relaxed position, you can take a deep breathe in with your chest held out and high, and hold your breathe for as long as you can while maintaining the same posture. Then, when you can hold it no more, realease your breathe slowly and gently exhale.

Play a soft music in the background, to make yourself more relaxed and concentrating on your breathing. It has been known that Music can cause the brain to realease a powerful chemical into your body system and makes you feel totally relaxed. Stress will be completely eleminated when you reach this stage and you should be feeling fresh from the inside and outside. At this time, do not keep any sort of negative thoughts whatsoever in your mind that would bear the weight on your mind. Let your worries take care of themselves just for 10 minutes and you would see the difference you can bring in yourself.

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