Eight ways i have tried to fight hair loss...from Minoxidil, Vitamins, Hair loss shampoos, Finasteride to Laser comb. Hear it from someone who had tried it all so you can save yourself the trouble of experimenting all best possible methods of regrowing your natural hair.

Here are eight ways below that i have tried to fight hair loss the natural way. Some worked well and some did not show any signs of success. Whichever method you choose to regrow your own hair will depend on how your hair scalp (Follicles) reacts to the following methods and how discipline & desparate you are in achieving the best results.

1) During my twenties, i started to notice hair loss starting right on the temple of my forehead. I ignored the hair loss and instead my hair line started to recede at a faster pace. So, i first started to use the topical solution mino-oxidil 5% that i applied on the scalp of my head every night before going to bed. The solution proved to have mixed result.

My hair loss did lessen a bit but as soon as i stopped using it, my hair started to fall off more. I also found that the new hair that grew was so small and thin, and i was not satisfied with the results. I then proceeded to follow Step (2).

2) Secondly, i used Finasteride tablets that could be bought with medical prescription by my family Doctor. Initially the medicine did work for a month, but just like Mino-oxidil solution the hair loss came back once i stopped using it. Also, the new hair were very small and thin. Besides, the medicine makes a person feel less desireable for sex. There is loss of sex drive completely. After the medication was stopped, the sex drive was back to normal.

3) Thirdly, I read somewhere that using hands to massage the hair scalp could help in growing new hair. This could provide good blood circulation to the hair and new hair would be able to grow back and survive longer. This method proved to be tedious since i had to massage my head scalp with my fingers and palm for 5-10 minutes everyday. Instead of growing hair, more hair began to fall off due to the massage motion that caused the hair to be pulled off the head.

4) Using the Shampoo called "Sebamed Ph 5.5, everyday shampoo for normal to dry hair". This shampoo is great and it prevented hair loss. I still use this shampoo till this day. You can buy them from shoppers drugmart for like $18 or above. It may be a little expensive but the results is the best. I immediately felt the difference once i used the shampoo. There is no other shampoo like this one.

5)Hot and Cold water shower:- this is basically one of the cheapest method to provide blood circulation to the scalp head. but it might not be good for everybody. I personally stopped this method due to the reason that i don't like cold water. How this works is that, when you are done with your shower, you can turn the tap to hot steaming water and put your head into the falling shower water for one minute. Then turn the tap to cold water and put your head into the falling shower water. Repeat this cycle untill you feel refreshed and you can take it no more.

6) Our hair needs heat to grow properly just like plants needs sunlight. I have noticed that when i used to live in hotter country, my hair was very good, long and thick. I did not experience any hair loss then. But when i moved to cold country, my hair suffered badly and hair loss started. So, i sometimes try to get as much sunlight as i can onto my head to stimulate blood circulation to my hair scalp.

7) I have tried various vitamins/natural supplements to grow hair but one piece of advice for everyone. Vitamins and supplements does not work for everyone. It did not work for me. Instead my health became worse than ever and believe me or not, my stomach digestion suffered. I only ate once a day where as i used to eat at least three meals a day and large quantity of food. I came to the point when i sometimes don't eat at all for a single day.

I just did not feel hungry at all because of the effect of Vitamins/Supplements. So, i stopped taking Vitamins/Supplements and my health was back to Normal again. One thing i also learned was that consuming sugar had a bad effect on my hair. Sugar damaged the quality of my hair.

8) Laser Comb:- This last method proved to be the best method but it involved purchasing a hair product. It is the latest method of growing hair in the market. It is the laser Comb. I tried using the product and it really works. Laser comb had miraculously also improved my stomach digestion. I don't know how but Laser Comb had a double purpose, to grow hair and improve stomach digestion. I still use my Laser Comb and am getting great results. Although, this is an expensive product, it was really worth the investment.

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  1. Thanks for this enlightening post. Regaining a youthful hair can be quite expensive indeed.

  2. Hello, can u show me a pic of sebamed ph 5.5? just wanna make sure i buy the right one

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