Do you know what’s killing your hair? It could be the tap water you drink.

Many of us assume that tap water is very safe to drink and some of us may choose Bottled water. But do you know that tap water is not completely safe to drink right from the tap? We need to know that there are chlorine and other bacteria present in the pipe, which supply the tap water to our homes. What we should be concerned is the amount of chlorine present in our tap water.

That chemical is what kills our hair. Although chlorine removes and kills most of the bacteria found in tap water but some bacteria could escape and causes harm to our body when ingested. Chlorine present in small amount does not cause much harm to our body but when absorbed by our body for many years, we could start feeling uncomfortable and fall ill. You might be wondering why one day, suddenly you aren’t feeling well and you experience fatigue, tiredness, stomach pain, loss of appetite, mind confusion, loss of strength, loss of concentration, and hair loss.

Blame it on the chlorine present in our tap water. We understand that chlorine helps keep our drinking water clean but then again, it has its own disadvantages. So far, there isn’t a better substitute for chlorine. The question is how can you avoid consuming too much chlorine? A lot of your health problem could go away once you are able to eliminate chlorine in tap water. It is very simple. Boil your water and then use any water filter to remove the chlorine in your water.

By boiling your water, the chlorine evaporates from the water but be caution that your exhaust fan is turned “ON” to suck the chlorine vapour out of your house. Otherwise, this chlorine vapour could do the same amount of damage as when it was present in the water. Afterwards, use a filter jug which will filter out the rest of the chlorine which hadn’t been vaporized. By following the above process, you are eliminating chlorine and also other harmful bacteria present in our tap water.

Never drink directly from the tap water. Always boil first and then filter your water. If you do the right thing, in the right way, you will see a big difference in your health and body. You will notice a big improvement in your hair loss problem. Almost instantly in a couple of days, your bad hair days will be gone and your hair loss will be so much reduced, that you won’t believe such a simple idea could save lives.

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