Have you seen your allergy specialist yet? Studies found allergy could cause you to lose hair.

Lately, studies found that Hair loss could be linked to allergy problems. If you are experiencing hair loss and at the same time, also suffering from any type of allergies, the answer to your hair loss is right there - allergy. It may not seem sensible but allergy is a condition where your body immune system treats any protein present in your body as foreign invaders. Allergy could result in Hives, Difficulty in breathing, Itchy eyes & ears, Headaches, Dizziness, Sneezing and of course, hair loss.

Let me explain to you how allergy interferes with your hair problem. In case of people who have food allergy, when they eat food containing protein, the body immune system reacts to that protein and treats it as foreign invaders. Your body will produce the natural chemicals called “Histamine” to fight the allergens (Protein) and you will start to feel itchy on certain areas of your body. You might have other symptoms as well. This is because for some reason, your body’s immune system had become highly sensitive or hyper sensitive and it reacts abnormally to proteins which is otherwise harmless. People who suffered from allergy are usually skinny and thin because they are deprived of those valuable proteins required to build strong muscles, though not in all cases. Doctors might recommend that you avoid those foods containing protein in order to avoid an allergy reaction.

As you already know, our human hairs are made up of protein. When you have allergy, your body is literally deprived of sufficient protein to produce strong hair. You might have heard about people advising you to eat more protein to grow more hair, but what if you are allergic to proteins in foods. No matter how much protein you eat, those proteins are going to be attacked by your body’s over sensitive immune system and your body will leave nothing for you to grow your hair strong. That is why you need to see your allergy specialist to solve your allergy problem first, and then you can think about saving your hair.

I had the same problem as mentioned above. I started to lose hair when at the same time, i had allergy to food. I did some research and found out the main reason why. It happened to be very much linked to my allergy problem. When i was treated for food allergy and in a year’s time my food allergy was cured, my hair loss miraculously also stopped. This made me to understand, how important it is to know that there exists a link between hair loss and food allergy.

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