Why you should or should not wear cap when you are experiencing hair loss?

Wearing cap due to hair loss

Many of you have seen people, who wear baseball cap to hide their receding hairline or you might be one of them who does that. It is true that hair loss can be very damaging to one's self image pride and it can affect people in their social life situation. There have been incidents where young teenagers with extreme hair loss had committed suicide. Other people do resort to wearing wig which is uncomfortable and have the same affect as wearing a cap, and i would point out the benefits and disadvantages of wearing a cap or a wig. So, people decided that they feel better wearing a cool looking hat or cap, in order to hide their hair loss and baldness. But is it a good thing to wear a cap most of the time? What does it do to your hair? Will it help grow back your natural hair at all?

Wearing caps explained in detail :

(1) It is alright to wear a cap during the cold winter season and when you are outside in the extreme hot weather, under the sun. During the winter, the cold weather dries your hair and leaves your hair with no moisture at all. The loss of moisture makes your hair weak and they fall off from  your hair scalp easily, as i mentioned before in my other posts. Wearing a winter cap while outdoors helps to protect your hair from the dry cold weather and helps preserve the moisture in your hair. With the moisture still withheld inside your hair scalp, your hair continues to grow and remain strong. During summer standing out in the sun for too long, with your hair exposed to the harmful sun rays is bad for your hair. The sun dries your hair very fast and have the same moisture robbing effect as during the cold winter months. Wearing a cap under the sun is a good thing to do, if you want to protect your hair and let it stay on your head scalp, else your hair falls off easily.

(2) Wearing a cap prevents dirty particles from entering your hair scalp. There are tiny organism and particles in the air, unseen by your eyes and once they attached themselves on your hair scalp, they can do more damage than you think. That is to say it keeps your hair scalp clean and free from the dirt. But it has to be a clean cap you are wearing. If you wear some dirty and unwashed cap, it makes it even more deadly than if you hadn't worn one.

(3) I have a friend who used to say that he hates wearing a cap when he works. He worked as a chef and he constantly had to wear a cap, as a health safety precaution and it's a law required by city health inspectors. It made me think positive about it and i realized that wearing cap isn't a bad thing after all. It does have a lot of positive effect on your hair, even if you work for food industry and you are around grease and oil for most of your work hours. By wearing a cap while working in a oily and greasy environment prevents the oil from attaching onto your hair scalp. This is good because you do not want too much oil to get onto your hair scalp. Have you ever noticed why bald people almost always have a shiny head? That is because of the presence of oil on their head scalp. But these oils are not from other sources, they come from your own natural hair scalp oil called sebum. Your hair follicles naturally produces oily substance and if produced in excess amount is not good for your hair. This is the reason why people actually go bald, because their scalp produces too much oil that kills and blocks the hair follicles in your head scalp.

(4) However, do not wear a very tight fitting cap on your head. If you do so, you will only be depriving your hair from the much needed blood circulation. Your hair needs a good amount of blood circulation to obtain nutrients to grow and become stronger.

(5) One tip you should be aware of, is to try not to get into the habit of wearing your cap for too long. When you are in indoors and the temperature inside is not too cold or too hot, you should take your cap off and let your hair breathe some fresh air. Your hair needs a good circulation of air as well to grow and become stronger.

(6) If you almost always wear your cap all the time, people will get used to seeing you with a cap on your head. But when you take off your cap and your head is not covered, people will exclaim and be surprised at how bald you actually are. This will make you feel embarrassed and ashamed of yourself. So, to prevent this from happening to you, you should instead try not to wear a cap while indoors, so that people will get used to seeing you bald and won't be surprised when you take your cap off. This had happened to my friend in real life and he told me afterward, how bad he felt when people were surprised at how bald he looked.


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