Do you love braiding your hair and think it's cool? Well, you might end up with a bald head and no more hair to braid one day.

Braiding hair makes you lose hair
Braiding one's own hair seems like a cool fashion and style for people who wanted a unique look on them, but little do people realize that there are some side effects to it. Some celebrities have the braided hair style, your friend has their hair braided, and you want to braid your hair too? Think again. The reason why some people really needed braiding as opposed to those who don't need them, are they usually have thick curly hair which are difficult to comb through. After having gone through many other options, those people with thick curly hair came up with the idea to braid their hair, so they can manage their hair better. Well, that solves the problem of having to comb their hair all the time and getting their comb stuck into their hair. But, have you ever considered what are the side effects of braiding your hair in long-term?

First, when you braid your hair, you are actually fast forwarding your hair loss problem, if you are suffering from hair loss. Braiding pulls in your hair tight enough to create that look and bunch them together in tightly. This way, your hair would have every chance of being pulled out of its roots. Just like what happens when you pull a young plant from the soil hard enough, the roots and the stem of the plant comes out of the soil completely, and the plant dies later. It would take another weeks or months to regrow that strands of your hair, pulled out by your braiding, and you know how precious it is, even if you are talking about some strands of hair, for people with hair loss problem.

Besides, when you braid your hair, and don't remove the braids for long time, there are dirt and germs caught in between the inside of your braided hair, which could have thrived and multiplied in large numbers. Simply washing your braided hair does not washes the germs and the dirt away because they are stuck into your braids. For health reason, even if you need to braid your hair, do so but remove your braiding in a couple of days at the most.

I recall an incident of what happened to one of my friend who loved braiding his hair. Before he started braiding his hair, he had very thick and strong hair but they were a little curly and hard to manage at times. So, he decided to start braiding his hair because he was fed up of having to combing his hair every morning, and struggling to pull out the comb stuck into his hair. He looked fine indeed after braiding and proudly showed off his new look to everyone. He would not take off his braid for a period of one week or two and sometimes he even had it on for like months time. Time past away and two years gone by, then one day he came to me and showed me some of his bald spots, in various patches on his head. I was initially surprised to see the bald spot on his head. I asked him what happened to him, to cause the bald spot on his head. "Braiding my own hair" was his replied. Then i began to understand that braiding does really cause serious side effects such as hair loss, headache, loss of blood circulation on the head. For that reason, you would notice that those people who used to braid a lot, will develop hair loss problem earlier than people who don't braid their hair.


  1. It will lead to hair loss. Even using cap, hair equipments it can cause damage to your hair.

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  3. Wow! I never really knew all of that.I'm a black african 14 year old girl. I braid my hair all the time. I never really give my hair a break most of the time.So this really heped me open my eyes.=)

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