Does Masturbation has anything to do with your hair loss? Find out the truth.

Masturbation causes hair loss

As many of you know, that hair loss in males are directly related to the amount of DHT present in your body, which means that higher the level of DHT in your body, the greater chance of you getting bald. The explanation can be made to say that testosterone (Hormones) are converted into DHT and this DHT causes you to lose hair. When a person masturbates, the level of Testosterone increases in the body, and the rate of conversion into DHT increases too. This causes you to lose hair faster than before. By minimizing the self masturbating activity, one can reduce the level of testosterone and DHT level in your body. Thus, the rate of hair loss depends greatly on the level of DHT in the body at any given time.

Now, what is DHT again?

DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) is produced from the male hormone testosterone, by the action of the enzyme 5 alpha reductase.

DHT is manufactured at a number of sites, but primarily in the liver and the skin (including the hair follicle). Many factors increase the production of DHT in the body, such as stress, genetics, hormones, and certain stimulants. The exact mechanism is unclear, but current medical opinion believes that the follicles may be genetically programmed to progressively grow smaller when DHT is bound to it.

There are various ways and methods you can take to minimize the impact of your hair loss:
* Reduce the intake of Hormone-polluted beef and dairy products. Red meat traps too much hormone-polluted blood. Instead bring more seafood and poultry into your diet. A vegetarian lifestyle has been adopted by many because of this fact.
* Eat more seeds, nuts, and soybeans, which contain L-arginine (the natural growth-hormone agents) and Isoflavones (anti-cancer and liver function enhancement), to help prostate swelling.
* Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits for more anti-cancerous hormones and anti-oxidants/vitamins/minerals. You can even try taking a multi-vitamin/mineral to get the antioxidant group into your dietary habits. Notable vitamins are C, E, A, and notable herbs that promote blood circulation are ginseng, ginko biloba and yohimbe.
* Participate in more outdoor activities to exercise more, improve your heart function, blood-flow and to regulate testosterone levels of the body, rather than burn it into DHT. Try jogging or even taking a brisk walk. Any kind of physical activity is much better for your body than sitting around in front of a TV, especially if you don’t normally move around much.

Stress is also another factor of your hair loss problem and the more you stress about losing your hair, the more you will lose your hair. Try to eliminate the sources of stress in your life. Cut back on your bedroom activity or at least make sure to reduce your frequency so your body will be able to replenish itself of the lost nutrients and hormones.


  1. is this true? does masturbating and having sexual intercourse the same? so sexual intercourse is also one of the reason that can cause hair loss?

  2. There are other factors to minimize or stop the hair loss as follows:

    * stop wearing of hat, ponytails, hair clip and other churva2x for the hair.
    * minimize the use of flat / curling iron
    * avoid over-stress
    * eat more food with proteins
    * you need more vitamins and irons

  3. I recommend everyone to minimize masturbating to stop hair loss...

  4. I agree, By minimizing the self masturbating activity, one can reduce the level of testosterone and DHT level in your body

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  5. As what I've read from the articles that Stress is the most common cause of hair loss. Iron deficiency can get your hair thin and hair fall.

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  9. I agree that some of the hair loss in males comes from too much Masturbation, but it also depends on a genetic factor

  10. and then you need to eat foods rich in protein to prevent further or excessive hair loss.

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