Head it the right way and your hair will thank you.

Head massage is not a new thing and it has been practised for a very long time. People fail to realise the importance and the power of a head massage. As you already know, hair loss is usually due to genetics that is to say if someone in your family has it, you will have a greater chance of having it too. There is not much we could do to change that fact but there is one thing we can do to minimize the effect. It is called head massage.

Hair loss occurs because due to the lack of blood circulation going to the head scalp region. Hair follicles are compared to the roots of a tree which supplies nutrients to the hair. When the hair follicles does not get enough blood circulation, it provides lesser nutrients to the hair and the resulting hair coming out of the hair follicles will be thin and weak. In course of time, gradually as months passed by, you would notice that your hair will become thinner and weaker. Simply by running your hands over your hair, you will cause some of your hair to fall off. This is the sign of the hair follicles closing their gap and suffocating the new hair coming out of it, thus resulting in poor blood circulation.

FACT: Our human hair are made up of mainly proteins and are known to consist of dead cells. They do not contain any blood vessels, which is why when we cut our hair, we do not feel any pain. Hair follicles are the living part of the human hair.

Head massage brings back blood circulation to your head scalp and this in turn increases the amount of nutrients supplied to the hair follicles. however, if you do it the wrong way, you could do more damage to your hair than any good. I had a friend who did the Head massage using the wrong method and he ended up losing his hair more rapidly than ever. When i suggested to him the correct method, he immediately noticed a great improvement in his hair texture and he felt his hair has become stronger and longer. Head massage only takes about five to ten minutes each day and can be performed anytime and anywhere you feel comfortable. Unlike those hair products availalbe in the market, which are expensive and often shows no results, head massage has no side effects and best of all, its free. All you need is your pair of hands, five or ten minutes a day and you are set on a journey back to your glorious hairful days.

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