The pros and cons of using a low level laser therapy (Laser Comb) that claims to work for everyone in the comfort of your own home.

In the early days, people use to have their hair Laser therapy done in clinics in their locality. This was during the discovery of using low level laser, to stimulate hair regrowth for people suffering from hair loss. Money, Time and location were the issues, since appointments had to be made with those clinics for the laser therapy and as such sometimes it becomes very inconvenient to be regular and perform the regular laser therapy.

This type of clinical treatment was also expensive and would usually be done for the celebrities or the rich folks. So, smaller version of the laser equipment was developed with the intent of reaching out to a larger mass of people in the world including the not-so-wealthy people. It quickly became a hot demanding item and was called the Laser Comb and they came in various power and sizes. Some laser comb have stronger laser light and some have weaker ones.

Then in January 2007, the FDA approved the Lasercomb making it the very first proven drug-free solution to combat hair loss. In clinical studies done throughout the world, participants reported promising results from the use of new Lasercomb. However, whether the result in new hair growth in the bald scalp area will be a permanent change or will the new hair fall off when laser comb is not used anymore, is still something unknown? How about any side effects that comes with this laser treatment? Although there aren’t many side effects resulting from the use of Lasercomb, there are at least some side effects. Also, Lasercomb claims to work for both Men and Women unlike Finasteride or Propecia which can only be used by Men and is not generally used on pregnant Women.

Only by spending about 10-15 minutes for three times a week, a person would start noticing some difference in their hair by the end of two months or so. How Laser comb works is that it emits 5 – 9 low level laser which stimulates the hair follicles and increase blood circulation in the body. In course of time, through the use of laser comb there is a chance of dead hair follicles reviving itself and they might start producing strong new hair.


Reduces excess levels of scalp dihydrotestorone (DHT) by aiding in the normalization of scalp sebum production.

Reduces inflammatory lymphocytic infiltrate around the hair follicle—a possible cause of alopecia areata.

The significant anti-inflammatory effect of laser therapy make it an excellent treatment for psoriasis, eczema, seborrhoeic dermatitis, neurodermatitis and most other autoimmune conditions effecting the hair and scalp.

Laser therapy’s proven effectiveness in improving tissue microcirculation and re-vascularisation make it an ideal therapy for pre and post-operative hair transplantation and skin grafting procedures. Laser Therapy reduces post-operative swelling and burning significantly, and enhances the body’s natural anti-inflammatory responses to help alleviate the pain, itching and swelling associated with acute viral illnesses such as chicken pox (varicella), where the blisters are predominantly located on the scalp or face.

My personal experience with using the Laser Comb can be summarized as not effective at all. I started searching for the best alternate method of regrowing hair in the internet and came across many websites that claims to prove promising results just by using Laser Comb. Hairmax was one of the most expensive products in laser comb product. But I didn’t go for that product since it was expensive; instead i went for a cheaper model yet very similar in description to the original Hairmax Comb. Initially, i tried the product and liked it. It seemed to be working well for me but then i also began to experience a funny feeling in my body. My memory became very limited and my reaction to certain situation was much slower than before the use of Laser Comb. It took me longer to react to things that before would take me split seconds. Most of the time, i would feel tired and lethargic and no desire to hang out with friends as before i used to do. Things that used to be once interesting, i now found it to be boring. I couldn’t understand why this was happening to me when i suddenly realised that i was on Laser Comb treatment.

This made me to understand that laser emitted from the Laser Comb tends to interfere with our human body nervous system. In my case, since this laser was emitted and directed on our hair scalp, the laser is absorbed by our skin and signals are sent to our brain. For some unknown reason, the laser causes the nervous system to kind of freeze a bit and our nervous system would not function as efficient as before. I wonder if prolonged use of the laser comb would cause any damage to our nervous system but i believe there is every possibilities that it could. Since then, i had stopped using the laser comb and had returned to being my normal happy self. My reactions had increased tremendously and i no longer feel tired or lethargic anymore.


  1. Thnx, for the share, I am currently using Hairmax, and i am will be honest, i do feel the side affect.

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  3. I think i am going to throw away my hairmax laser comb , because now i understand why i feel those sida affects, honestly i couldnt under why my life style changed. I feel very life less and bored.


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