Think Alcohol is bad for health? Think again, it could save your hair.

Drinking alcohol is known to be bad for health and causes liver cancer and kidney problems. But, using alcohol for regrowing lost hair is something amazing. It could stop hair loss in a couple of days and possibly grow new strong hair. It dries instantly when applied to the head scalp, and it has no side effects unless you are allergic to alcohol. It prevents dry hair, itchy scalp, limp hair and Dandruff. It encourages your hair follicles to produce Sebum (Natural Hair Oil) which is essential for healthy hair.

You will notice a big difference in your hair after using it for a couple of weeks instead of months. You will find that no other product in the market has a better result than alcohol. If you are experiencing hair loss and your hair is always so weak and thin, then you should try using alcohol. Studies have shown promising results in 85% of the participants.

The hair loss product company offers products that bring about blood circulation to the hair follicles which promotes new hair growth and stops hair loss. Alcohol does the same, and that’s why it is a best kept secret that not many people know. Alcohol is cheap to buy and can be bought by person older than 18 years old, in any liquor store. Buy “BRANDY-40% Alcohol” since it works the best, and use eye dropper to apply on your head. Rubbing with your fingers on your head will waste alcohol.

How does alcohol works to regrow your hair? It’s simple. Imagine that when you get hurt badly on your head, your head swelling starts to be noticeable and grows bigger. By applying ice cold pack on the swelling, it reduces the swell and brings relief to the person. The ice pack draws away the heat generated due to the swelling and cools down the injured area. In the same way, when a person is experiencing hair loss, the person’s head scalp will be swollen inside. You will notice that people suffering from hair loss has a high oval shaped head with a shiny surface. This is swelling inside the head scalp and is caused by many factors such as stress, genetics, DHT, injury, harsh coloring chemicals.

It is a known fact, that the skull has expanded in this case, and it is pushing hard against the head scalp skin, depriving the hair follicles of essential blood supply. When this condition had been allowed to go on for a long time, hair loss eventually occurs, which is why hair loss happens gradually years after years, and not overnight. What you are doing, by using alcohol is that you are cooling the swelling inside your hair follicles. Alcohol has an amazing cooling benefit and is the best safe method to use. If you go on to use alcohol on your head scalp for some time, you will heal the swelling inside your hair follicles and possibly grow new strong healthy hair.

From my personal experience, i started using the alcohol on my hair for quite some time now. I must tell you that within a few days, my hair stopped falling and i could literally feel the strength of my hair by running my hands across my hair. I’ve never seen my hair in “Spiky” fashion, i thought those styles were reserved for people with lots of hair. But, imagine the surprise when in a month’s time, i started to spike my hair too. I no more had those limp hair look, and i stood in the mirror appreciating the new look and decided that i should share this new experience with everyone else in the world for “FREE”. I don’t want people to suffer from the hair problem and be scammed by those hair loss companies. If anyone one of you reading this post, found my suggestion to be useful and would like to donate, you are most welcome.

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  1. I've read comments on the internet saying that alcohol damages hair shafts and causes hair to dry out and even fall out or something to that effect.....