Ever wondered why your shower drain net is always clogged with your hair? Did you always wanted to do something about it? Now, you can! Find out how.

It is true that we lose about 50 – 100 strands of hair each day which is considered normal. But if you find big clumps of hair on your shower drain net after each shower, then obviously there is something wrong. You could be wondering, “What did i do wrong to lose so much of hair in one shower?” “Why can’t my hair stop falling off my head, into the drain after a shower?” These are very common questions asked by a whole lot of people suffering from Hair loss.

Fortunately there are answers to those questions. The main reason why we lose hairs in shower is because of the presence of chlorine in our tap water. I will try to explain in a very simple term about what happens exactly when we lose hair in a shower. Our hair falls off our head easily, when we use very hot water to shower. As soon as our head scalp touches the hot water, the skin pores (very tiny holes) opens up and allows the hot water to be absorbed into the skin rapidly. This is not a bad thing but when chlorine is present in our tap water, Chlorine causes damages to our skin.

It makes our skin dry and itchy, and also causes Dandruff. Chlorine is used in our tap water system to kill various harmful bacteria and organism which is sensible, but our hair follicles cannot withstand the presence of such a strong chemical. As soon as Chlorine enters our skin and attaches itself to our hair follicles, our body immune system gives the order to destroy and kill the foreign invaders (Chlorine). In the process of destroying the Chlorine which was attached to our hair follicles, our body immune system also kills our precious hair follicles. When this had occurred for many times, gradually we begin to notice hair loss, on large area of our head.

So, in order to stop hair loss, we got to stop taking in chlorine through our skin first. How do we do that? It is very simple. We can use a simple device called “Shower Filter”. Shower filter are available almost in all home hardware store, and is not very expensive to buy, considering the benefits it brings us. These shower filters can filter and remove almost 95% of chlorine present in our tap water.

Always buy a reputable shower filter brand; cheap ones are not as effective. Shower filter can be installed easily by you, and it usually does not require any tools at all. Check for the size of your shower pipe head first, usually about ½ inches, so that your new shower filter will fit right into your shower pipe head. You might require Teflon tape which needs to be wrapped around the shower pipe head once or twice, to prevent any leak. The cartridge inside the shower filter will have to be replaced every 6 months or so, for best results. That’s about all you need to install a shower head. No need to call a plumber for that job, save your money!

I used to live in a hot place before where they do not put chlorine in the tap water. I never experienced any hair loss at that time. But when i moved over to North America, i started experiencing hair loss. In a short period of years, i went from full thick hair to thin hair. When i looked around me, i found that i wasn't alone in this fight with hair loss. A lot of people are suffering from the same problem, even women too. So i started to use my common sense and i use to wonder what the reason was. Then i hit upon an idea which was to use the shower filter to stop hair loss. It worked for me and i am sure it will work for you. Not only will your hair stop falling in shower, but your skin in general will feel better. Try it and feel the difference.

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