Have you tried the Caboki hair thickening concealment product for covering bald spots? It may be your temporary solution for your hair loss.

As seen on TV, this Caboki Hair thickening fiber product looked promising to temporary conceal your bald spots to regain your lost self confidence in beauty. The ads showed how in few minutes people with hardly any hair on their scalp, was able to be transformed into this Hairy handsome or beautiful person. It also showed that it works for women as well who are facing bald spots on various scalp areas.

How does bending down below the waist for one minute everyday helps to fight hair loss?

As soon as i got this idea of trying to increase blood flow to my scalp, by bending down below my waist for one minute everyday, i jumped to test if it was actually possible to fight hair loss with this method.

Dr.Miracle's Feel It Formula - Temple and Nape Gro Balm claims to promote strong, shiny, healthy growing hair. But does it really hold its claim?

Dr Miracle Temple and Nape Gro Balm for hair loss
Dr.Miracle's Feel It Formula - Temple and Nape Gro Balm has various results with different people. Some people claimed to have benefited a great deal from using this product which had been in the market for quite some time already. Whereas some people claim to have accelerated their hair loss ever since they started using this Temple and Nape Gro Balm. According to its label on the back of the container it says it creates a tingling sensation on your temple and nape area which in turns stimulates blood flow to these areas, and this helps keep your hair strong and healthy. It contains some active ingredients that is supposed to cause the micro-circulation to continue even after the tingling sensation is long gone after application of the balm.

How important is sleep for stopping hair loss problem? Have you woken up to discover your pillow case filled with your fallen hair?

Sleep is good to fight hair loss
One of the most important thing that people don't realize, when they are trying to stop hair loss is that they don't get enough sleep. Due to lack of sleep your body is stressed along with your hair follicles which in turn results in limp hair condition or hair loss. People may try out all sorts of hair loss remedies whether natural or using commercially available hair loss treatment, but in the end all their efforts would be wasted if they fail to get enough sleep.

Does your sleeping position in bed affects the rate of your hair loss? Find out the truth behind it.

Sleeping Position For Hair Loss
People say that a person's hair loss is somewhat affected by his/her sleeping position in bed. This belief is partially correct and partially incorrect. If you think about it, Men mostly lose hair around the front and top of the head and usually the side of the heads are still full of active lively hair follicles.

The power of Bananas and why you should harness its power to fight your hair loss.

The power of bananas to fight hair loss
Bananas had been grown and eaten for thousands of years in human history and there are various reasons why you should start eating bananas everyday too. Remember the saying which goes like this: "An apple a day keeps the doctor away"? Well, the new saying goes like this: "A Banana a day keeps the Doctor away for life". What this literally means is that researchers have realized that Banana has more benefits than an apple has. Apple has some acid contents which are not suitable for all people's stomach since this acid contents occasionally makes people feel uncomfortable after consuming apples. Whereas Bananas has no acid contents and is very easy on our stomach. In fact it helps the bacteria living in our stomach to multiple and stay healthy.

Have you heard of the amazing anti-hairloss shampoo by Sebamed company? It literally makes your hair thicker and fuller.

Sebamed Anti-Hairloss Shampoo comes to the rescue
Sebamed had always made good quality shampoo and conditioner, and their amazing anti-hairloss shampoo is equally great. The shampoo contains NHE formula which includes Caffeine and Ginkgo Biloba, and these ingredients are proven to increase blood circulation to our scalp, thus feeding the essential nutrients to our hair for growing stronger hair. Besides, the shampoo is made of biodegradable ingredients which helps in keeping our planet green and clean from damaging chemicals that hurts our planet we all live in. This shampoo still contains the PH 5.5 level which is the ideal level of alkaline and acid quantity to keep our hair scalp fresh and healthy.

Did you know there is a natural alternative to the commercial hair gel you use daily?

Milk is better than Commercial hair gel
I used to wonder how some people's hair have the strength to stand up in a nice beautiful thick manner while other people are struggling to keep the last of their hairs from falling off their head. I watched newborn babies without any hair when they were born and as they grew older, they began to have hairs growing on their head slowly. The babies only drank milk from their mother and the milk they drank, gave them the required protein to grow plenty of hair. This shows that milk has the potential to allow a person's hair to grow.

What connection is there between your liver and your hair loss?

Triple Leaf Detox Tea fights hair loss
This might sound strange and not relevant to hair loss but there is some relation between liver function and hair loss. Recently i came upon this idea through accidental experiment. Not long ago, i started drinking tea for the cleansing effect it has on my body but what surprised me the most was when i tried "Detox" tea. This "Detox" tea was supposed to purify my blood and promote good liver functions. My intention was only to cleanse my body organs such as liver, kidneys and intestine but to my surprise, i suddenly felt my hair become stronger after consuming the "Detox" tea.

Does Masturbation has anything to do with your hair loss? Find out the truth.

Masturbation causes hair loss

As many of you know, that hair loss in males are directly related to the amount of DHT present in your body, which means that higher the level of DHT in your body, the greater chance of you getting bald. The explanation can be made to say that testosterone (Hormones) are converted into DHT and this DHT causes you to lose hair. When a person masturbates, the level of Testosterone increases in the body, and the rate of conversion into DHT increases too. This causes you to lose hair faster than before. By minimizing the self masturbating activity, one can reduce the level of testosterone and DHT level in your body. Thus, the rate of hair loss depends greatly on the level of DHT in the body at any given time.