A Century old secret you thought you knew? Learn the simplest natural way to grow strong hair, explained in personal detail.

For centuries, in the early days of people's history, people have been using this method to prevent hair loss and stimulate new hair growth. For many, this old traditional secret had brought great results to prevent rapid hair loss for men and women. With the advancement in science and bio-technology, all the new hair loss products out in the current markets still aren't as effective as the old traditional and natural method of preventing hair loss. So, what makes this method so special? The answer lies in the use of Egg Yolks on your hair for hair loss treatment.

Let me explain it this way, our human hair are made up of proteins. The more protein your body is able to make to build your hair, the stronger and faster your hair is going to grow. But sometimes due to personal health concerns, some people's body may not be able to produce enough protein to support strong hair. Whatever is left of the proteins manufactured in the body, has been consumed by your body, to provide energy for your body movement and other metabolic activities. So, where is the protein left to build up your strong hair? None. Therefore, in order to provide enough protein for your hair, you need to follow some simple steps which your hair will thank you for. We will use egg yolks to put on your hair since we know eggs yolk contains rich amount of protein.

Separate the yellow egg yolk into a bowl and discard the white portion of the egg. Now, to this yellow egg yolk add few table spoonful of almond or sesame oil (Also contains rich protein nutrients) and a dash of lemon. Mix well and apply on your hair. Wrap your hair with a plastic shower cap and let it stay for about 30 mintues. Then, you can wash your hair with good shampoo only, such as the Sebamed PH 5.5 shampoo, as mentioned before in my previous post. Do not wash your hair with hair conditioner, as most people believe they should. I will explain in my next post why hair conditioner is bad for your hair and why you should try to avoid using it entirely. Do this for twice a week and you will begin to see great improvemnt in the thickness and strength of your existing hair and possibly new strong hairs.

I tried this wonderful method for about a month, and am seeing amazing result. I am so delighted with this result that i just can't help it but had to share the secret with everyone on the internet. As i believe that human kindness will always be rewarded in one way or the other. Stay tuned for more interesting post to come and learn all the great secrets you never knew.


  1. Wow.. Know i know how to prevent hair loss in natural way. thanks for this post..

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  2. Now I know. I always eat egg yolk all the time but I didn't know yet the effect for the entire body.

    I used to get my hair shiny with the conditioner but now I will stop to use that product anymore.

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  3. this is true! I've noticed the good result. Thanks for sharing this post. Keep it up!!!

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  5. Protein helps to prevent hair loss. Our hair is made up of keratin known as protein.
    Source of protein:
    * eggs
    * milk
    * fish
    * nuts
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